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What are the Classes Like at Non-Standard Shows?

Classes at non-standard shows can be very different from standard show classes, as explained on the main page. This page should give you a feel of what they are like.

Classes at Fun Shows

The usual classes at a fun show are: western pleasure, western trail, western gymkhana, cutting, calf roping, reining, western parade, dressage, stadium jumping, cross country jumping, hunter equitation, hunter over fences, hunter pleasure, english pleasure, english gaited, driving, harness, sidesaddle, costume (Arabian, American Indian, & historical), & Spanish gaited. Classes with little or no participants will be combined or canceled at judge's discretion.

How do I Know Which Classes to Enter?

Sport Breed/ Warmblood classes should be entered by thoroughbreds, standardbreds, and warmbloods. Light Breed classes should be entered by Arabians and half-arabs, and non-Spanish gaited breeds. Draft Breed classes should be entered by draft breeds, such as Shires, Clydesdales, Percherons, Belgians, Suffolk Punches, and other large, stocky horses. Pony Breed classes should be entered by any breed that is below 14.2 hands, including Welsh, New Forrest, Chincoteauge, and other ponies. Spanish Breed classes should be entered by baroque breeds, such as Andalusians, Lipizzans, Lusitanos, and other Spanish breeds including Spanish gaited breeds. Stock Breed classes should be entered by breeds origionating in the American west, such as the Quarter Horse, Paint Horse, Appaloosa, Mustang, and the Pony of the Americas. Other Breed classes should be entered by any breed that does not fit any of these catagories.

How do I Know Which Horses to Enter?

Enter models with no rubs, no chips, pretty and detailed paint jobs, and no breaks or cracks. The model should represent it's breed, showing correct conformation and color.

What About Photo Shows?

In photo shows, the picture should have a realistic backround and footing. If the photo is a performance photo, it should show a rider with appropriate attire for the discipline and realistic-looking tack. The horse should be in good enough condition to compete in a photo show.

Are There Ever Any Classes Based on the Sex of the Horse?

No. Instead, classes are based on the breed of the horse, so the model may be judged more acuratly and more according to conformation.

What are Fantasy Classes?

Fantasy classes are classes in which you may show you favorite unicorn, pegasus, fairy horse, mermaid horse, or any other horsey mythical creature. These classes come in OF classes and CM classes only. They do not come in artist resin or China classes.