The Metropolitan Atlanta Model Horse Club

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Welcome to MAMHC!

Welcome to the Atlanta Model Horse Club! We are Atlanta's REAL Model Horse Club. We offer live (non-NAN qualifying) shows, photo shows, fun shows where you get to physically move your horse around a ring (called funs), and special show/ clinics where participants learn about real and model horses and showing, as well as having a live show and a fun show. All live and photo shows will have halter and performance classes, custom-made (CM) and origional finish (OF). Class lists will be included on the club's show page. Most classes are free or cheap to enter, and are held in Metropolitan Atlanta!

What is the MAMHC?

We are a model horse club located in Metropolitan Atlanta. Our shows are small, fun, no pressure events. We have fun contests every month! We also show pictures from our shows in our handy photo album, to give you an idea of how shows are like. Our website features helpful real and model horse articles. We even have clinics to teach participants more about real and model horses. And on top of all this, we have tips for showing, an informative newsletter, and being a member of the club is free! Most shows are free or otherwise very cheap. As a bonus, we host mail-in photo shows for members who live out-of-state and far away. Overall, we are a fun, friendly club and we welcome all members with open arms.

What are the Usual Classes in a Standard Show?

Usual halter classes are: Sport Breeds/ Warmbloods, Light Breeds, Draft Breeds, Pony Breeds, Spanish Breeds, Stock Breeds, Other Breeds, & Fantasy Breeds. Usual performance classes are: western pleasure, western trail, western gymkhana, cutting, calf roping, reining, working cowhorse, western showmanship, western parade, other western, eventing/ combined training, dressage, stadium jumping, cross country jumping, hunter equitation, hunter over fences, hunter pleasure, english pleasure, english gaited, driving, harness, english showmanship, sidesaddle, costume (Arabian, American Indian, & historical), & Spanish gaited. Classes with little or no turnout maybe combined with other classes or canceled at judge's discretion.

What Types of Shows does MAMHC Offer?

We offer 4 types of shows, each one fun and unique. Our main type of show is a standard model horse show, where you set your horse down on a table for it to be judged according to condition, breed specifications, color, and if in a performance class, suitability to the discipline. The next type of show we have is a photo show, where participants mail in or email pictures to be judged by the criteria in a standard show as well as how realistic the photo looks. The next type of show is everyone's favorite, the fun show! In these show, participants actually move their models around an arena, over miniature jumps, through a barrel racing course, etc. Horses in fun classes are judged by the same criteria in standard shows, as well as correctness and exucution of the shown discipline. The final show is a little bit of everything, called a special show-clinic. In this type of show, there are mini clinics before and after the actual showing, pertaining to real and model horses, show tips, tack making, customizing, etc. These shows are part fun show, part standard show.

What Type of Horses are Allowed at Shows?

Horses which are allowed include Breyer Traditional models, Breyer Classics models, Breyer Paddock Pals models, Breyer Stablemates models, Peter Stone models, and other models produced by large manufacturers. Horses which have been made by hand may compete in artist's resin classes. Also, horses made out of China may compete in China classes. These callses, however, are not offered at all shows, and may be cancele due to low participation.